About Us

About Us

Over 15 years of experience

Global Products International Group

Quality products since 1998

Global Products International Group is an aggressive design and manufacturing firm that produces high-quality, affordable products for a variety of industries. Since our inception in 1998, Global Products has striven to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations through timeliness, premium quality, design and service, and a lower cost base.

We have worked closely with our customers to develop and produce component products that enhance our customers’ products and help them gain market share and improved margins. Driven by the company’s entrepreneurial start, Global Products continues to expand its scope, approach, processes, materials and technology to remain on the cutting edge of the market. It is this attitude and approach that allows Global Products to be a leader in new product design and manufacturing.

At Global Products we are confident that our customers will have a competitive edge, improved pricing, better quality and the right product design.

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